Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Merry Christmas! We thought that this year it would be fun to give you a blog! These things are great. . . it's a way of journal keeping and scrapbooking all in one. We set this up so that both of you can post a blog any time. The nice thing is, we also made it possible for all of your kids to post a blog at this site as well, so it's kind of like a family newsletter. It may not seem like you need a newsletter to communicate now, but in a couple of years who knows where your kids may be? It may become a great way to keep in touch as well as share what's going on in the ever-growing family.

We think you are fantastic parents, the best the world has to offer! Thanks for all that you do, we hope this Christmas is a great one!


Amanda and Chase

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